Introducing Google Cloud - try it with a $350 free credit.
Introducing Google Cloud - try it with a $350 free credit.

Connecting the world of tech differently! Read. Write. Learn. Thrive. Make an informed decision without distractions. 

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Techatty Aerospace is owned and managed by Techatty.

We are building tech media and publication networks to connect YOU and everyone to reliable information, opportunities, and resources to achieve greater success. Techatty strives to build Open Access technology media and publication networks, where reliable information and resources are shared and archived.

All Techatty publications and platforms are inspired by your needs, strategically designed to be free of distractive and misleading content and advertisements, and will focus solely on bringing you cutting-edge solutions, opportunities, and resources that can help you or your company/organization achieve greater success. 

Get connected to reliable updates, services, software, deals, events, tech places, PR, opportunities, and resources needed to make an informed decision without distraction.

Our core mission is to connect people, companies, and organizations to use Tech As A Force for good, through inclusive and cutting-edge solutions. Together, we can bridge gaps and make the digital economy inclusive, fairer, and empowering for everyone. 


There are different unique ways of being part of what we are building at Techatty, and we would love to establish a lasting relationship with your brand and contribute to maximizing your impact and visibility differently.

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3- Request Publishing Access to our publications (from only $5/month.)

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5- Join Techatty Supportive Club. Being Supportive is making an impact. 

6- Join Techatty Strategic Partners Network or Techatty Narrative, A VIP Network for professional writers, technical writers, journalists, brand ambassadors, and related professionals. Click here to contact us for more information, if you are interested. It's free to join.



Techatty All-in-1 Publishing is the best All-purpose technology media and publication solution you can count on, without the price tag.

Techatty publications and platforms are strategically designed for companies, organizations, and professionals to publish your updates, content, publications, and communications. 


Your publications will be accessible to readers 24/7, without distractions and misleading. Readers don't have an obligation to create an account before reading, while there is also an opportunity for readers to create an account and build unlimited reading lists, free of charge.

Become Hero Sponsor of BTS from $50
Become Hero Sponsor of BTS from $50
Techatty All-in-1 Publication
Techatty All-in-1 Publication